Site Credits

Photography: All artist photos by the masterful William P. Gottlieb, courtesy of the Library of Congress. 

Site design: Samantha Samuels

Record Credits

Produced by
Loren Schoenberg and Ken Druker

Executive Producers
Daryl Libow and Jonathan Scheuer

Restored and mastered by
Doug Pomeroy

Creative Direction
Casey Walter

Release Coordination
Elnaz Nesva

Sincere appreciation to Jonathan Scheuer and Daryl Libow without whose indefatigable support this project never would have come to fruition.

Special mention must be made of the phenomenal archival disc and audio restoration work done over the course of six years by the Wizard of Baltic Street, Doug Pomeroy.

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem wishes to express its gratitude to Gene Savory, Sonny McGowan, Dan Morgenstern, Kevin Cerovich, Scott Wenzel, Susan Schmidt-Horning, Frank Rich, The Grammy Foundation, John Landry, Stephen Taylor, Lester Young, Jr., Richard Rosman and Fran E. Morris-Rosman (of the Ella Fitzger- ald Charitable Foundation), Joy Rosen- thal (of the Count Basie Estate), Colette Hawkins, Richard Kress, Dorian Waller, Emilio Caceres, Jr., Tim Francis (of the Lionel Hampton Estate) , Lila and Carl E. Ammons, Maggie Condon, Dorian Waller and Joe Teagarden, Samantha Samuels, Ryan Maloney, and Tad Hershorn.

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